Please stay with me my love’

Please stay with me my love


Once upon a life. I knew us. Dear Suzy. You were so perfect. So beautiful and kind.
A boy’s wish and dream.


I learn from your gentle and kind words. We show people the pretty parts only. We hide the true face and the pain. If I knew you were hurting. I would of gave you the world. I would of lived and die in your embrace.


I remember we stripped to bare skin and you showed me the sweetness of the kiss. You taught me. Every midnight dance is written deeply into skin by soft and tender fingers and touch.


Dear Suzy. You became my curse and my blessing. I had to love you from a distance and I watched you be abused and mistreated. I went to you often and I told you. My beautiful Suzy. Stay with me and I will give you the world. I would make you smile and laugh. I would never make you cry and never be alone.


Suzy embraced me and she whispered. “Love is deadly and so damn sweet. You are so sweet and so kind Johnnie. Too kind and gentle for me. I made promises that I must keep. Even lies and broken promises is what some of us have only . Dear poet. I’m dirty and I don’t know how to feel clean.”


I asked her. Please stay with me this night. She smiled and she took my hand. Suzy smiled and she whispered. “Come with me my lover. Today is our last night. You are sweet like cotton candy dreams and please forgive me for breaking your heart. All love demand payment. Tonight you and I. Just a shade of love in a world cold and heartless.”


I remember us. I tried to make this night last forever. I remember the long sweet kisses and our body entangled like forever lovers. I learn love is wild and a treasure. I also learn releasing the need of love is very hard. I walked away slowly, ensuring your face would be never forgotten.