Help! Save the Horses, Save the Eagle

Please read the wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Godwin Uche Uwadilachi

A Poem by Godwin Uche Uwadilachi

Torrents of boundless horror have overtaken us and sworn to heighten,
The cistern of terror has been broken:
It has turned noondays into nights and mornings take ages to come,
The sun and the moon have swapped shifts,
Even the stars are falling
And the rain has turned into blood.

Was this how it used to be?
Was it our heritage?
Each day breaks with cries and curses;
Curses upon life slayers.
Each night comes with groans and grief:
Grief for the lost….

Lawlessness and extermination; on the rise:
Children and ones yet unborn along with their mothers are slain,
Sturdy men and women are hardly seen on the streets, they are slain,
And the fortuitously aged-ones are left destitute;
Their children are made to perish each day.

Gardens of remembrance run out of space,
Unfilled spaces in households, graves consume.
Each day we…

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