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Find yourself the contours of my geography,

as leafs tremble the hairs of your senses

Merge with the shadows of my frame

whispers inflames the walls of your Being.

Let my thoughts weave you dreams,

my soul perishes as I follow your wander

Hearts rip sheets of writhing gasp,

to know the outskirts we bond into one.

Clouds stole the itch of steps travel,

I become lost within verses of your symmetry

Drunk eternities laced onto your essence,

solace within heartbeats of your wild.

To embrace and decompress,

a chaos to the silence of our Charleston

I stroke the rhythms of your ripple,

piece me light unto you imprint.

Beyond then the boundaries of our mind,

these drifts stretches me breathless undone

Lose myself in the wiles of your mile,

I sketch your angles my muse.



muse by: Masao Yamamoto

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