‘The night is young’

The night is young and the night is long, my love


I saw you perfect in the day and I saw you wild and sweet in the early morning.
You are my fire in my heart and the storm arising in my mind.
Your face, your eyes and your hair.
You make me know madness and great need my love.


Let’s us dance tonight. Let’s us dance till we cannot no-more.
You are my sweet elixir and sweet red wine I need to taste deep into the midnight hours.
I want to know the fragrant of your gentle perfume on your tender skin.
I want to have your red hair surrounding my face and shoulders.
I want to fall in love with you, again and again.


The night is young and the night is long, my love.
You and I must find mistress love and embrace her for the moon and the stars.
I want you to release your veil of mystery and show me your true face.
I need to hear you whisper.


Let’s dance my sweet love.
Let’s fall into the words of the song.
You are my sweet dove and I need you near always.
You make me want to live and dance in your eyes forever.

John Castellenas/Coyote