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by: queen nikky
nameless bird in the sky
why is your cry so mournful
I see the world is scattering
many people are dying
Dying with their mouth gagged
no one will hear their story
fathers being killed by
their own father
grandchildrens suffers the most
the grandfathers hold powers
shamelessly giving no rooms for
the fathers to own anything.
if our fathers have no say
will there be any room for us
the grandchildren? will our ancient
grandfather’s sacrifice be in vain?
for our current grandfathers
keep enjoying what belong to us
the current generation
and the future generations.
our ancient grandfahers weep
in heaven lookin at how their sons
ruined what they worked day and night
in just a second.
what they laboured for so we
their future grandchildren can enjoy
are being destroyed shamelessly by
their sons…

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