I’ll never fall in love


I’ll never fall in love


I went to the Stray Cat Inn on Monday night. Long Islands are three dollars till 9pm and the company kind and polite. I was waiting for my Monday visit, pretty lady in black dress, pretty eyes of hazel green. She came at 9pm and she sat with the lonely poet and she told me, please baby, write me a poem my love.

Love me wrong, love me right
She came at the midnight hour to dance to the deep jazz, she danced bare-foot with her eye closed tightly. I whispered to the smoky bar walls. You are too damn pretty, you are too damn mean and you make me wish for everything dirty and clean.


I went to her and she took my hands and locked her hips to my body. I whispered to her, you was sassy, classy and a firestorm. You was pretty as a painted beauty on the walls of sweet memories, men will pray and they die for.


They learn too late. Can hold on to a hurricane, can’t make the sea stop and a woman with a broken heart. Cannot fall in love, no-more.

Broken lady need strong drink, hard and deep jazz and kind voices.

I put my hands through her long brown hair and I kissed her neck. I asked. Poem is okay my pretty lady? She smiled and she laughed. She kissed my lips, hard and sweetly. She whispered. In this world of give and take, we are led my urges to believe love can be true. We will play the fool often dear poet. You and I. Just broken down Gypsies and we got lucky. I found you and you found me.


We kiss and hold on, at the Stray Cat Inn Monday and Wednesday nights. We demand little and I love you Johnnie for giving me the mercy of kind words and not demanding eyes. Too many taking and thieves my love. let’s dance to the Jazz and pretend we are babies and we can fall in love for a moment in time.