S. Glitch

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Color me in Cyanide and Cherry

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*According to my calculations, the last poem I wrote dates August, 2017, henceforth I deeply apologize that the very first thing you are going to read after my hiatus is this experimental crap. Sorry, once again! 

S. Glitch

After being carefully dissolved,
dethroned crimson bellows archipelagos.
Anna buys coriander downtown;
decomposed carotids bicker: Adelante!

Domino carpet borrowing aspirins;
aspiring birds cater daughters.
Evening flamingos grapple hummingbirds;
hanging gardens fooling empires.

Equipment flawed. Garnishes : humid.

Elephants fire glocks hurriedly,
hollow glades furnish eyelids,
doom cloisters blistered amendments.
Always bow; curtains disintegrate
Follow gentle harbingers.
Instigate, jester, kill!
Kneel, jealous ivory!
Innocent jury, King –
kiss Juliet. Immediately!

Hammer gadgets farming electricity,
empty fawns glowing hysterically,
assemble braille calibrated diesel!
Discard comfortable, bourgeois apartments!

Look, majesty, now! Over!
Open nitrogen mask lens,
leave me never oblivioned.

Overture needles measuring lightness,
Anna buys coriander downtown,
dynamite candy butchers…

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