Rose colored glasses

Rose colored glasses


My brown eyes beauty, my Scottish girl dream, we made promises on floors of glass.
You were everything sweet and beautiful and you made me feel loved.


We were just babies, 20 and 19 years old. Allowed words to be released, we could not keep.


I remember us. You and I dancing by the lake.
I was your Hemingway and you my Scottish girl trying to save my spirit from dying.
We had good German wine and long nights of embrace.


You told me often. I talk nonsense, always wearing rose colored glasses, making wishes to the stars and the moon.


I remember our last words. I forgive you Johnnie.


Dear Sheena, I never forgave myself. My Scottish girl dream.


I wish I could put on my rose colored glasses on and bring your body near. This time.


I would never release you.