I cried and died tonight

I cried and I died tonight

Once we held love over all things. I remember us. We disregarded the ending for the days and nights of love. I was your Hemingway and you were my Agnes.

I remember you. You were the most beautiful woman I ever seen. You healed my damage heart and mind. You taught me how to dance and how to enjoy and taste the sweet German Fall wines and the whiskey. You made my life slow down and enjoy the sweetness of life.


You were my kind and sweet muse. With you near. I was going to save the world and love was everything. You were my everything in a world going mad.


In late Germany Fall of 1978. You asked me. Please live with me and be my love. Let’s lock the door, light some candles and you and I. Let’s dance together to Leonard Cohen songs and become one in the glory of love embrace and kisses.


Fall fell in Spring. Spring fell into Summer. Life, Army and war seem to strip away our wall of safety. Our safe and cozy apartment couldn’t hide us no-more. I saw in your eyes. You were becoming a cage bird and I was trying to lock you in. I saw in your eyes. Great dreams, great need to travel and more education. One day we decided. Our love was built on quick sand and moving sea was dying.

On an early Summer rainy day. I left you with my books and my journals. I remember this night still. I cried and I die. Hard souls man learn. You cannot do it alone and I was alone.


Dear Daniela.
You taught me.
Blessed be the man who knew love and enjoyed the wine and the drink.
Blessed be the man who tested life and traveled.
Blessed be the man who had lived.
You were my savior and my teacher.
Thank you my love. Thank you dear Daniela.


John Castellenas/Coyote