‘Captive heart’

Captive heart

Divine woman love the Fall days. The cooler days make her wander into deep forest and search for quiet meadows and beautiful places. She love the feel of the freedom in the sacred morning where the animals run free and the noise of the city is faraway.


I told her. I’m just a beggar wanting the attention of content woman. You have capture my heart and thoughts. I will write song and words for you till you can only see me.”


She laughs at my words and she told me. “We must drink in the beauty of nature, be kind to all living things and remember the living. Never forgetting the dead. The kind elders who taught us. Nature and us must be one. Dear Johnnie. You are my ray of sun in the mist of the cold days. My captive heart is your to hold till you become tire of me.”


I brought her close and I whispered. I will never be tire of you. You are my day wish and my night dream. You made my dark days become alive and vibrant. I will love you forever and a day.
John Castellenas/Coyote