Sea Legs (New and Revisited)

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What She Sees


As I was getting ready to post this small piece I just finished in acrylic, I was reminded of a poem I wrote and posted years back when my two sons were young and we would often go to the ocean together. I dredged it back up, dusted it off a bit, and decided to give it another appearance here. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to stop by.

Sea Legs

Their woozy faces
it has indeed been a rocky night and
despite my years in fourfold over these
greenhorns I too am
stumbling around the house
a wooden prosthetic were the culprit
for I’d rather not admit
the ground beneath us can be so
just no give to speak of so
into the soup
we must

come on boys
I know these seal skins are a drag to
don but
just look at…

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