A stranger

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Just a ghost in my house


Once brave man, hold silence near.
Once brave man wanted to save his world.
Old world had stolen his laughter.
Once he wanted taverns and the dance halls.
Maybe one, too many disappointment.


Dryden wrote once. Words can have great meaning. Do they?
Old Poet wrote words for peace,
he wrote words for the safety of the children of our world.
Now he cried tears.
For the dying world.
Poor leadership separate family and steal from the people.
Someone need to tell our leaders.
The children, the wealth of a nation.
Need to teach them well.


I pray the men in Washington that send soldiers to die. Will pay for this sin. If you want war. Send the old men to war. The kids need to be kid, learn love and seek education. Not learn to kill and taste blood.


1800 children are alone. Separated and family records gone. What did we allow the leaders in Washington to do? If we don’t pay attention. We will work till we are 72 years old, steal from nature, leaving the poor beast of the forest homeless too. Washington D. C leaders want more oil and profit. What will we leave for the children?
Johnnie quotes

” Guns and soldiers are not the tools of peace. A division of soldiers are not peace keepers. Send water, food and medicine. Send people with open hearts and skills to repair. This is the road to peace. Concern, kindness and love.”

“Washington D.C want to send armed soldiers to the Mexican border. Soldiers are trained to kill. Why would you send soldiers to deal with children, women and men crossing into the USA? ”


“Every plan should be written. The good parts and the bad. Be added up and estimate the results. If more costly to re-act. Don’t. 1,800 children are alone and no-one knew. Take parent away from kids, create 1,800 homeless kids. This will cost millions. Someone must take care of the children.”


“Why are the children scared and depressed? Open your eyes. What did we leave for this generation? Pollution, longest wars in the USA history. Few real opportunity. High cost for car insurance, health insurance and the world is in turmoil. We must change. USA must bring the soldiers home. Save yourself before trying to save a world that doesn’t want to be saved. How do you save countries who kill Christian outright and abuse women. You can’t. Can’t save someone, who doesn’t want to be saved.”


I am Just a ghost now. Watching the world wanting cell phones, don’t talk to each other. People become more fearful and scare. It is time my friends. We must stand as one for peace, for the children and fire the fat men and women in Washington D.C. Need a billion people to hold hands, yell, cry and pray for peace. Too many men praying for war and profit already.


Maybe quiet man need to write again. Please pray for peace. Smile at a stranger and say hello. Know your neighbors kids names and your neighbors names. We have become strangers.