Savior-An ode to poetry-Megha Sood

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On the last day of the National Poetry Month, I would like to post an ode to poetry, which is my savior.Hope you all enjoyed taking part in NaPoWriMo as much as I did.

Do leave your thoughts in the comment section and share how poetry has been your savior.

Happy blogging!
Megha Sood

“Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.” 

― Novalis
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My poetry keeps me sane.
It demarcates the boundary
between the pleasure and the pain
It saves my soul
savors and protects it
prevents from the debilitating pain
devour it as a whole
My pain morphing
and convulsing
and taking shapes
as it welt and blisters
leaves it everlasting
impressions on my
naked yellow skin
marking its territory
and slowly making its own,

My poetry keeps me sane
It demarcates the boundary and
between the pleasure and the pain
between the ebb and the flow of the
bizarre and the surreal world

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