Words for peace, hell and heaven.

Words for peace, hell and heaven

I called you my friend. I have become the literal dead. Dead friends killed in faraway wars are heavy upon my mind and the damned wars keep a-coming. I saw one of my friend’s children. She graduated High School. I stood with her and I told her she was her father’s angel and wealth. He loved you so and he would be so proud of you.

My friend. My mind had turned cold and hard. My senses are gone and I need to be near the sea and to hear your voice. I need someone to tell me I’m going to be okay.

I stood by my friend’s grave and I sat with him. I could hear his voice and I could see his smiling face. I heard him tell me, Johnnie, live for me and ensure my children’s future. Their father loved them so.

I pray daily for peace. I hate war. War steals hope, life and great cities. War isn’t the road to peace. It is the road to a dead-end. I’m a father and I asked the gods of life and death. Please stop the wars. There are enough tears upon the poor planet.

Hell and heaven

A kind woman told me all sins can be forgiven. I kissed her face-cheeks and I told her, sin is a part of us. Each of us wants too little or too much. Some of us commit the deadly sins without regret. The gods are not foolish. Men are filled with greed and anger. They must forgive themselves first, then maybe can seek true forgiveness.

Pretty woman fell into deep thoughts and asked, can you erase bad deeds and actions by trying to live a good life? I told her, condemned men accept their faith. Actions done without care and concern for another are just weight to carry till one day. All deeds and actions demand payment.

She looked sad and she told me, I will pray for you. Prayer is the way to forgiveness. Here on earth. Life can be hell or heaven? We must decide. We must know love, live a noble life and not repeat the sins of the past. There is no perfect life. Just us trying to do our best.

I embraced my dear friend and I told her, our children pray for us to know heaven as we did for our parents. Most of us need to find hell to appreciate heaven. Thank you my dear friend.


John Castellenas/Coyote