‘One more day my love’

One more day my love
I waited for you. You requested me to come and wait for you. Every night at 2 am. I watched you dance your final dance for desperate men and I watched you in black lace and your soft silk stocking. You would send me secret smiles, but I knew. You took of the lace slowly wishing to be elsewhere and took off the silk stockings falling into the words of the Bob Seger “Night moves”. I wrote in my journal.

Last year I gave you a poem and you asked me. Dear Poet. “Why do you waste time with me? I don’t like the face I see in the mirror. I gave-in and I gave-up. ” I smiled and kissed her forehead and lips. I read her the poem.

The final place
Naked and kneeling like beggars. We are dear Amie.
We fondle and touch the last emotions of need.
My kind and beautiful lady.
All of us will taste dirt and live and die in the lies that life showed us.
No-one is clean and all of us are seeking reasons to live and die.
Please pretty lady. Tell me what you need?
Please show me real face and allow me to hear real voice.
I have danced with the Devil and I know.
The Devil always win dear Amie.

Now you and I have learned. We learned highway 35 will take us to the sea. We have learned broke people need coffee and kindness. You taught me to dance in the midnight hours and I taught you gentleness and kindness.
Please take off your shoes and walk with me by the sea.
I want to dance with you.
I want to dance lightly and softly on the soft Texas sand.
I want us to move as one with the song of the sea and the wind.
I need to feel your body near and your face against my neck.
I want to smell your skin and your hair.
I need to hear your laughter and to listen to your dreams.
I want to hear you whisper to me.
Johnnie. I love you.
John Castellenas/Coyote