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Light Behind The Cloud ✨

Will today be the last?
One can never know.
We think about the past,
But do not let it show.

Old grudges we don’t get over,
While we hide behind forgotten grief.
Our true emotions we need to uncover,
But we continue to pursue a false belief.

Let us no longer conceal our ruth,
But also reveal our inner cares.
I desire for us all to be aware of the truth,
For in this world, it has been scarce.

I do not wish to go on like this,
Without the knowledge of a lost opportunity.
This time, to take the chance I will not miss,
And I’ll expose my vulnerability.

To better explain what I’m attempting to convey,
I think we humans take for granted what we have until they disappear.
We should be grateful for the little treasures of every day.
And we should hold our beloveds near and…

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