‘Illusion of love’

(Illusion of love
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Sometime we want what we cannot have.)


Illusion of love


I held you so tightly. We found paradise by the midnight moon.
I was seeing forever and you were just entangled in the raging storm.


I whispered I love you with all my heart.


Your eyes turned sad and you told me. Love is just an illusion. A surreal dream for the lucky. We cannot outlast the shadows and mirrors of time. Love is just paper and can be shattered like glass. Dear Poet. The illusion of love will perish with time. Best find something made out of rock and cement to hold on to and grasp. I’m caving into too much need and want, never content.”


Her words were true. She was like the sea. Could not be controlled or be held down forever. I held her closely.


I knew. Love is rare and for the lucky.