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To Dad With Love Poetry

time-100-influential-photos-dorothea-lange-migrant-mother-23 (1)Migrant Mother, Nipomo Califormia 1936. Dorothea LANGE 

Mrs Immigrant, will you tell me
what your children ate and when,
if milk is flowing from your breasts

what your car tyres yesterday fetched
and where the husband went

Mrs Immigrant, tell me honestly
who walking on the streets looked at you,
or not at all
what when you last saw it was of your land
how you chafe the freezing little toes on dreary nights
what lives in those 30-year-old eyes

Mrs Immigrant, tell me slowly
about that stubborn dignity on your face
the furious strength to
deal with all
that life has thrown at you

Mrs Immigrant, please, tell me more,
the world needs this conversation.
I promise, it won’t be a long imposition

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