Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Ellie belfiglio

34175978_206272180184120_2526953332975599616_n… Innocence! The wondrous days

Amble on so softly

Through the trees, wind rustles

And so suddenly they are gone!

… Days and ways, so carefree

Beside the road of time lie

Where youth coasted down, the hills

Begin to climb, must now!

… On a rainbow path, as a chameleon 

Is ever changing, so life!

Passing through the prism of life

With spectrum re-arranging!

… Upon the shore, the waves that roll

Will surely roll away

Upon the tides that sand that rides

Dreams often swept astray!

… Glow brightly the lights of home

As our steps grow short and slow!

At the innocence, we wonder

So long ago of those days!! …



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