The wild rose

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The wild rose

Auburn beauty wrapped her arms around me. She whispered to me. “My soldier seeking death, do you have time for a dance? I am lonely and I like to swim in your misery.”


Soldier turned to see the Texas beauty and he told her. My honor to dance with the wild rose of Belton. You are a blessing to my eyes and to my heart. You are more beautiful than the last time we met.


She laughed at my words and she kissed my neck and face. She asked. “You speak in riddles. Do you tavern poets always talk in wish and tale? Pretending to need love and you shall fear my face in the morning light.”


The old soldier smiled and he brought her closer and he whispered. My Texas rose. I never ran from you and the whiskey make me remember you. You taste so good like the Crown Royal whiskey and you have great thorns that make my body and skin bleed when you escape me before the sunrise.


she laughed and she whispered. “Angel or demons my soldier. We are. I need you, I don’t need you. Even the lonely rose need kiss and embrace. Let’s create a tale of myth and tale. Whiskey dreams are suppose to break our hearts.”


Soldier and auburn hair beauty dance to “Don’t take the girl.” Allowed the night to steal away the fear. Love some is better than drinking alone.