What have we done??

In California. 13 people were kill. A soldier did the action. Why? Thank you President Bush. His action screw-up a Middle East that was getting along. Now we teach our youth. About war and death. Expect them to be alright. J.D Salinger and the World War two soldiers were told by the USA government. Forget the war and get over it. Many soldiers cannot. The poor families of the people are in my prayers. How do we stop the craziness. Some answers are easy. Bring our soldiers home from places we cannot fix. Ensure all soldiers have places to heal and regain their minds. I believe we must slow down our world. Lead with concern, kindness and we must listen. Two longest wars in the USA history are going on, Many country are attacking and stealing land. Israel and Saudi Arabia.  USA soldiers are still in South Korea. Yemen and Palestinian/Gaza, I think about and pray for daily.  USA spend a quarter on every dollar for war with our taxes. USA isn’t a country of peace. We are the modern day Rome. What happen to Rome?

We must learn. Every life had value. Doesn’t matter if a American, a African, a European or a Asia. One life lost to war and violence. A light of hope lost forever.


(Killer on the road
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
What good and bad we do in a life. The scars will always stay with us.)


Killer on the road

A Iraqi man sipping his coffee.
He watches the military trucks drive by.


He look to the sky and murmur a pray.
I will miss you my wife, my children.
He caresses his chest.
He felt the bomb wrapped tightly against his body.


His eyes are sad and he knows he has no choice.
They killed his brothers.
They came to his country and torn it down to rubble.


He believed in an eye for a eye.
He will be in paradise soon.
Tears fall from his eyes as he think of his wife sleeping alone.


Soldier with M-16 loaded and ready.
He tells his buddy going to be a good night.
Going to kill a few of them damn terrorist.

His buddy with a bible in his hand.
Pray to survive the night without firing his guns.
He whisper I pray I make it through the night.
Please lord keep me safe and let me go home soon.

The city is quiet and the soldier are on alert.
The gunner pass the coffee to his friends.
Tells him my eyes are seeing ghosts again.

He watches the morning light began to appear.
He thinks of a mother and father waiting and hoping to see him.
He makes a mental note to call them tomorrow.

A middle age Iraqi man walked down the street in the early morning.
His hands are sweating.
He saw two soldiers guarding a government building.


The gunner asks his buddy was the man a ghost in the distance?
He put the bible down and tells him he is real.


The soldier looked at his bible.
Points his weapon at the man.
He raise his hand to halt the Iraqi Man.


The Iraqi man screams out his daughter name and Allah.
Runs toward the soldier.


The soldier aim his M-16 and shoot three rounds into the man chest.


The Iraqi man falls dead.
The soldier goes to him.
Fall and ask god to forgive him.


He open up and see the bomb and photos.
It still don’t bring comfort to the soldier.


The soldier sit on his cot.
He held pictures of a man’s wife with two children.
He wonder why he has to kill this man?


He should have been home tossing a football with his brother or something.


He cries for the Iraqi he killed.
Old Sargent said he was a hero.
Those terrorist are just killers on the road.
Waiting for us to end their misery.
He brought his bible to his heart and tries to sleep.


The gunner wake him up.
He tells him we are on again tonight.
He puts the bible on the table.
Dresses into battle gear and walk out of his tent.
He left the bible tonight on the table.


He had bad dreams.
He dreams he was the killer on the road.


He would do his duty and go home.
He don’t talk of God or Jesus anymore.
He just wishes for the blood to leave his hands.


The gunner smile.
He yelled maybe we can kill a few tonight.
His buddy smile and stare at the road.