Dear November

Dear November


I liked the cold days of November, slower days and the kind earth fall into deep rest.
The season of Autumn, a grand teacher.
We learn, grand nature will die and in the Spring.
Awake and show us.
All things must die, to become stronger.


Great pain become lessons for us to be kinder, tears will become places where the heart came alive and taught us. We are humans, we shall know sadness and joy. We will know the greeting of hello and the pain of goodbyes.


I love the four seasons. Like life.
We are like the days of Spring. Born and rising to reach and touch the sky and the great dreams. We are like the days of Summer. Where we will dance and sing to the Summer sun and moon. We are like the days of the fall. Know good days and know the painful days. Slow down and gather our hearts and minds. We are like the days of Winter. Reflect and learn we must be reborn. Be strong and fearless.


Dear November.
The earth is covered with the whiteness of snow.
The children are dancing in the snow and kind earth is resting.
Please lords of life and death. My November wish.
We learn to lead with concern, kindness and listen to the people near.