Only you my sweet lover’

Only you my sweet lover

I brought you forget me not flowers and I told you. “You are my reasons to be alive. You are my whiskey nightmares and dreams.I need your forbidding kisses and the dangerous rendezvous. We are lovers that cannot be discovered. You are my compulsion need to dance in the light of darkness and find new seduction where lovers keep secrets and show hidden skin and need.”
Pretty lady smiled and laughed. She whispered. “We cannot be and we must dance in the ambrosia of love. You and I had found dead-end and no passion in the interlacing of people near. You are my fire and I’m your wood. I need your touch to make the fire of need to come alive and be wild. Do you dream of me? Johnnie. Do your loins long for me in the light of the day. Bleed want for me in the night?”

I told her. “She had captive my mind and heart. She is my first wish and last wish daily. I dream of her long legs of golden brown. Sweet lips tasting of sweet wine and the embrace of us holding and grasping like it shall be our last craving known. I love your body like a landscape of perfection valley and hills. I yearn to roam the valleys of tender skin and swim in the warmth of sweet lips.”
She smiled and she whispered. “Dear Poet. Love that is hidden in the darkness that cannot be seem. Just pretenders dear lover. Lovers who go half way and cannot embrace in the daylight. Hold fragile house and forbidden dreams. Just fools in the night.”
John Castellenas/Coyote