Poem: We are Home

Powerful and wonderful words by a talented writer.

Seoul Sister

12235239-2854-4EA2-9146-BEA145CCF8A0 Surfer, Ruben Gutierrez, unsplash.com

Whale timed movement

A continent’s worth of songs

Tectonic flow and rupture

Sleep quaking volcano.

Titans awake opening

Magic fracture bones along ley line maps

shining underworld rivers of burning light

dividing our world invisibly

underneath with pressurized silent explosions

morphing crystals to grow into the future now

sparkling secret amulet caves

where an ancient caveman artist imprinted

his hands blowing French fairy dust

tailed with shadows and animated animals

Paint shaped by reverent awe and amazement,

astounding us from our ever sleep walking reality.

Naming bisons deer arrows spear lakes and home

with images shimmering in torchlight

dancing in the hypnotic glow.

Art is made to amaze ourselves

and remind us of true home.

The deviousness of apathy kills us in slow motion

and Love is the heroic antidote potion,

but we’ve disguised rape as love,

torture as affection,

taking as giving,

gang bang S & M…

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