A wish and a prayer

“Yemen war: 5,000 children dead or hurt and 400,000″


Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the United States’ gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher. And, even though the United States’ suicide rate is similar to other countries, the nation’s gun-related suicide rate is eight times higher than other high-income countries, researchers said”
More than 1 in 10 Syrians have been wounded or killed since the beginning of the war in 2011, according to a new report that finds a staggering 470,000 deaths have been caused by the conflict, either directly or indirectly.
“The numbers are staggering: Six women killed every day, according to one organization. Over the past two decades, reports Brooke Binkowski in Mexicali, Mexico, the killing or disappearance of women has become so frequent, a new term has entered the country’s lexicon: femicidio”


“2300 killed in Palestine, violence and war.”



No guns allowed


In Mexico. Six woman daily. Took and they never come home. Who is screaming out for them? All of us should. Violence against women in Mexico. Been allowed and how do we stop it?


Syria, Yemen and Palestine. Mass graves and no-one is complaining. The great sinners are the seller of the weapons. If no gun, no bombs, maybe the greedy countries would stop the killing?


Yesterday another mass murder occurred in the USA. Do you remembered last weeks names. 1,135 names can be listed. 1,135 people killed by the gun.


USA is more deadly than any nation. Including Mexico. What can we do? Past years, so many useless death. Wonderful and beautiful people lost forever.


Please, for the children. Let’s pray, Let’s scream and Let’s cry for our world. Many countries are killing people for land, for religion and for old hate. If we don’t stop them. The blood of the innocence will be at our doorstep.


People, who accept this world, as-is. They do not see the violence no-more. They have became part of the problem.


Today we need a billion person demonstration, not just one day, everyday of our life. Africa, Asia, Europe and the America. The four corners of this world must stop and pray. Talk to your neighbor, talk to a stranger, be kind to someone in need. Listen to someone in pain. Make the government that send weapons to kill. Stop.


No color, no race, no religion and no gender. The gun, do not care.


No more gun allow here tonight. Just people, standing as one. Praying for the end of violence. Please.