‘If I knew’

(If I knew
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
If we knew the future. Would we have done things differently?)


If I knew


If I knew yesterday was our last day together, was the last kiss we shared.
If I knew I would never embrace you again. I would have held you tighter.
I would have said more tender words and took a lasting picture for my heart and mind.


I didn’t know love was fragile, promises easily forgotten. I didn’t know love would wither
away. I didn’t know love was like cut red roses. Given freely and slowly dying becoming
dust and memory.


I believed in the elixir of the sweet kiss and I believed in the love words that stirred my heart and hope. I didn’t know absence create forgetfulness.


I didn’t know thriving love was held on by a simple thread. Honored by few who bestowed love as honored and blessed.


Today If I have known. I would have been kinder and held tighter to kind woman. I would have never left you. Too late for sweet dreams and promises forgotten.
IF I knew. I would have never allowed you to leave my life.


Coyote/John Castellenas