Poetry for nature

(Short poems for nature.
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
We need to protect nature and the free animal of the earth and the sea.)

Mother Earth


Her dress is of the green, of the great forest.
Her gift is sweet water and food for us to eat.
We need to love and protect her.


The wolf and the bear.


When the wolf and the bear are gone.
Man will follow.
Memories of a wasteful race will be forgotten.

Bear Cub

The sea
A billion gallons of oil spilled into sea.
The oil sank.
The once alive ocean filled with life.
Will be murdered for the greed of oil.

Sea Waves Hitting Rocks
Natural herbs


Most of natural herbs for medicine grow in the rain forest.
Everyday the great tropical forest is being destroyed.
Do we realize half the needed oxygen we need come from tropical forest of our world?

Girl Wearing Pink Dress Standing on Bridge Above Trees


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