Happy Thanksgiving and a poem.

(The sweetest things
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Life is simple. Respect people. Religion should be private. Stay positive.)


The sweetest thing

I have seen so many mysteries and seen so much beauty.

I swam in the Pacific ocean in the early spring storms, riding my suicide board in the stormy sea. I felt so free, helpless and I felt so small but safe.

I stood at the Pinnacle on top of a mountain. I saw four states. The beauty and honor of being able to see so much.

I free-climbed the cliffs in the fault line of Northern California. I sat with the Eagles.

I climbed to Old Castles in Germany and I felt the power and age of a once powerful people.

I stood at the Pyramids in Egypt. A strange feeling of loneliness overtook me.

I went to South and Central America. Stood at temples. I felt the power of the old Naguals.

My dream and vision were to see and try to understand all the different people.

In all my trips and meeting many kind souls in this world.

I learn all fathers and mothers love their children.

Everyone wants a warm bed and home to live in.

I never met a man or woman who wanted to die.

10 Oct 2002