‘Black as the night’

Black as the night

Love is sweet and love can be so deadly. I knew Jenny was so damn beautiful. Youthful eyes and woman perfect curves, make a wise man become a tomfoolery in love.


Her wanting eyes wanted everything and she was free-flowing not caring where she fell and who she took down with her. I allowed her into my apartment in late October. She brought some wine coolers with her and her smile as sweet as the Fall honey.


She asked me. Dear Johnnie. Can I stay the night? She went to her knees and she wrapped her arms around me and she whispered. Damn the lonely nights. I feel so alone. My heart is black as the night and I need someone to make me feel wanted and needed. I don’t want love. I need hands that know what to do. I need lips that know how and where to kiss. I want a man who don’t fear the dark night. I need someone to make me warmer and warmer. I want to learn, not to teach.


I smelled her long auburn hair and caressed her beautiful face. I looked into her river blue eyes and I told her. You may be the Devil? You may be my death dear Jenny? Please stay. You are right dear Jenny. Black is the night. The night is for secret places where lovers do things they cannot confess. Midnight hour is when body and skin become fearless and raw. You and I. We will do the Devil dance.


Jenny smiled and she kissed me once and once again. She rose-up, slowing releasing black dress, silky bra and panties. I saw siren, muse, devil and angel at the same second. I told her. You are the most beautiful woman I ever seen. Why are you being kind to me?


She came to me and she straddle me. Allowing me to fall into robust soft breasts and she kissed my face often. She whispered. We want what we want. We need what we need. Better to go in blind and swim in the utopia of the kiss and the embrace. I want you now. I need you now. We won’t make no promises. Just shake-up the night and make the black night more sweet.


She pulled me up and I followed her to my bedroom. I knew already. She was a black hearten lady who would break my heart and she would.


I would do it again.


John Castellenas/Coyote