Daily Archive: December 4, 2018

‘Forget me not’

Forget me not —- She told me, flattery will get you everything. Please make me feel loved and wonderful. I need someone, to be their, everything. Even if just sweet lies dear Poet.… Continue reading

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To Purge, to purge, to purge

Originally posted on blossomsworld:
Some people eat to purgeThey devour platefuls ofLove, spoonfuls of hateBowls spilling with disgust. Some, drink vodka, ginWhiskey and bottled beerSwigging back painSipping on indifference. For some, it is…

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Dear Jenn and the sea

Dear Jenn — She loved the sage. She loved the sea . She loved the ancient poets and ‘ I loved her. — Her wanting skin and her perfect face left me breathless.… Continue reading

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