A Ballad for the Brokenhearted

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.


I tripped into the crevice of your heart
And stumbled on a blanket of dead leaves.
I cried in shock – the land was torn apart,
Colors robbed by ironhearted thieves.
What happened to the shining golden sheaves?
Which selfish harvest caused your heart to bleed?
Why are you silent when your spirit grieves?
I’ll trade my garden for your lonely weed.

The first time that I met you was the start
Of feelings, long forgotten, sun retrieves
And melts the ice into a work of art
As sun with moonlight gently interweaves.
How did I miss the tearstains on your sleeves?
How did I turn to blindness with my greed?
Is it too late to offer these reprieves?
I’ll trade my garden for your lonely weed.

My flowers and my fruits I will impart;
I’ll happily uproot them with these cleaves.
Fruit not too sweet and still a little…

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