yeah, you Know

Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

RamJet Poetry


when I first saw you

I realized I would not


hey you

yeah, you know

I’m not fooled by your quiet negligence

come and eat my bones

mend my heart from pieces at my feet

let’s get down and dance

I wanna remember

what it’s like to feel hungry again

winter was long and dark

I need a little napalm in the morning

wild grass fires at night

kill my kindness and be cruel

show me what it’s like to taste carnal sin

come hornet queen and feed on honey

sting me where it counts

make sure I’m paralyzed by

your bright poison

I will fly out and find a home

we don’t have to start a colony

coming in a new surrounding

shake sugar on the missile

let it go


hey you

I’m not fooled

come, let’s go

find a place

we can eat together.


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