Flowers – Dolly

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.


Oh, how I just want to close my eyes.
It would be my way to hide. Or better yet, my way to die.
I’m too tired this time.
I’m not fine.

I told them this before, but no one recalls. Maybe no one listens to me at all.

I just want to rest for a minute.
I’ve reach my limit.
I’m never been scared of sleeping.
Just too much aware of why the world is weeping.
I’ve been badly hurt,
Oh I’m still only water and dirt.

I’ve told you this before
But you don’t recall. You don’t remember me after all.

Oh, if I could just lie here for a moment.
And it would be great if the moment would never be over.
I don’t want to let the moment pass.
Oh I’m so tired, If I’d move I’d only crash.

I’ve told her this before, but she can’t…

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