You are what I need

You are what I need.


The red dress


Silky red dress held your skin close and
I whispered to your wanting ear.


I am jealous of the silk against your skin,
I want to know the closeness of the silk against your soft skin.
You are my morphine, my love.
My needed drug to live.

Woman in Red Dress Sitting on Brown Rock


Pretty does, pretty do

I told you,
my pretty lady,
you make me forget what I saw, what I know.

You make me see silk and lace ,
you make me wish for the utopia of us,
falling into river, of the turmoil of love.

I looked into perfect hazel eyes and I whispered to her.
Pretty does, pretty do.
Us men,
just beggars for the kindness of a woman.

Man and Woman Dancing in Middle of Alleyway



Dancing Coyote