New year, a new day

New year, a new day.

Yesterday is gone, today is here.


Last year, big changes.
Bloody life got twisted-up and turned around.


Hard to tell, if am doing right or doing wrong?


Johnnie back at the Stray Cat Inn,
he ain’t praying, he ain’t crying and he ain’t dying.


Just living.


Last year wasn’t so bad,
my feet touched the California dirt and
I walked into the Pacific.
I drank some whiskey for Hemingway on the Monterey pier.


I took grandchildren to Lake Huron and
I pray for peace at Port Austin.
I took baby Jaden to his kindergarten and I watched him gain some confident.


I know life isn’t easy,
must make time for the family,
for laughter and for travel.


Johnnie isn’t crying, he isn’t dying.
Just living another day.


A new year is here,
old man, must keep smiling and going forward.
He must have patience and be kind.


Old world won’t stop and we must go forward.
Not complaining, not worried,
Just doing what I can.


Dancing Coyote