Payment due- pray for peace

Payment due

The guns are a blazing, war is alive and well. War contractors made 500 billion and wanting more. I pray God is a-watching.


Ancient cities are burning down, people are dying and the rich nations selling guns and bombs to struggling countries.

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Please dear God. I hope the Christians killed in the mountains of Iraq, murdered and forgotten. I pray they found a safe place with you.


Please lord of life and death, they are blowing-up schools in Syria, small boy brought to Europe shoreline by the sea. Drowned, dead and gone. No room for the immigrants.

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Yemen being bombs with USA bombs. USA weapons killing children, women and men with no conscious. No-one care?


USA want war on immigrants. Most of us or family member, in the USA were immigrants once.


Wild man in the White house. He want locked borders, more soldiers and more guns.


Please God, I pray Dante’s inferno book is true. Men of war, men of hate, heartless men and men of profit. Find permanent suffering in lowest level of hell.


I saw a five year Syria girl, she saw her parent killed and she was wounded. Her body and face can heal. Poor little girl, she saw hell and back. What does she see, remember?

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The guns are a brazing and I am a-praying. I am praying we can learn. Guns don’t care what they kill, bombs don’t care if cities or children. Soldiers don’t see race, religion or age.


We must stand as one or if we hold silence. We have accepted the hate of poor leaders. One earth and one people. Every child, every person lost to war and hate. A light of light gone forever.

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Dear God. Send angels to heal my world.


Dancing Coyote