I am still alive


I am still alive


She told me, soldier, bleed no-more. What is done, is done. Like a Hemingway story. Twisted roads lead to our proper place.


I looked at the dark eyes Gypsy woman and I asked her. I am lost and do not know what I need. Once I sought death and today I seek the unknown.


A warm day on the Monterey Bay. I brought whiskey and tequila to the song of the Gypsies. I knew them well, always kind to me. They called me the Michigan Wild man. They found me a year ago, suicide boarding the Winter Pacific storms. They called me mad and invited me to join them.


Pretty Gypsy woman told me. Life is long and we shall fall and rise often. Taste the sweetness of love and taste the misery of the goodbye. Us, who love the sun and the moon, we know. New day, new night. Opportunity, just whisper to the dancing moon. I am still alive. You are our adopted Gypsy brother, never alone and we shall make our own decisions, good or bad?


I joined the Gypsy family often from 1992-1994. They taught me how to dance with the sea, talk to the clouds and understand. New day, new chance to sing, dance and enjoy the new sun of the day.


Dancing Coyote