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Timeless Classics


One sunny morning, walking by
A tiny venue, thought to try
Flamenco dance put on that day
We’d, after all, come out to play
And this seemed just as good a way
As any other might belie

So we two bought the tickets to,
Of all the shows I’ve sat unto,
One of the finest, ‘cut above’
Full unto its brimming of
Beauty, grace and, yes, of love
Pleasure in every way to view

That theater would barely fit
Fifty people into it
And the flamenco troupe was small
Three dancers, a musician, all
But what a show — what vim, what gall
For we fortunate sit!

This was a little family
Which for three generations be
Immersed lifelong in the romance
Of strictly traditional dance
Giving us modern ones the chance
To glimpse a vanishing reality

Their patriarch first crossed the stage
In dignity befitting age
Clad well…

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