Letters, never send

“Letters, never send.
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Just words.”


Letters, never send.
Dear Juliette


You told me often my Juliette, I was whimsical or not. Always wanting too much, always wanting to test life. I was like the running river. Always moving to unknown destinations. I think of you every morning when I watch the Pacific sky come alive. I awake at 5 am and I walk from Fort Ord to Monterey on the quiet and empty sea shore. I buy some coffee and sit at the Monterey pier. I remember when you came to Monterey and we walked together. A perfect silence we shared. Dear Juliette, I am writing like a mad man. One book done and second almost done. I wrote a poem for you.
“Darling, love and sweetheart

Love gives without demand of return,
love don’t steal or hurt.
Love was you my darling, my love.
My blessing,
please come to Monterey,
we can roam the California coastline,
dance with the sea and search for gifts, from the sea on our morning walks.
Dear Juliette,
life is slower and I can think now.
I know.
I am whimsical or not.
I see my world with coldness and softness.
Once you were my world,
and today my world is less without you.”


I hope you are doing well my love. Please make time for fun daily and test life. Life isn’t work and no play. We must see life for what it can be. Work and no play shall make Juliette, unhappy and sad. Please come to Monterey. Winter is done and the warmer days are here. I walked the Monterey coastline today and I wished to the morning sun. You were with me. Love and kisses.