We shall fall and we shall rise

We shall fall and rise

I listened to you,
you are so damn pretty and you carry a heavy heart.
I made you laugh and I told you.
Naked heart and too much drink,
weaving us into a confused mess.
Pretty lady,
slow down, gather your life.
We shall fall and rise.
Life is a fine teacher,
break us, make us become who we suppose to be.


I was adrift in her eyes and she knew.
We were cigarettes, hard drink and desperate nights.
We accepted token kisses and languished in woven dreams.
We crashed and burn in a Austin, Texas motel.
She told me often,
Dear poet,
we are sometime lovers, sometime friends.
You are the steady ground I need when I can’t face the night.
I whispered to her.
We are vagabonds seeking too little, too much.
We dressed-up love, we stripped to bare skin and
we never show real face.
We are just thieves and runners.
Somehow we became empty glasses needing to be filled-up.


She smiled and she whispered.
It is alright love, my honey.
We are Texas storms,
accepting what we are