The Day Gentleness Dies

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Sound Of Silent Sounds

Once there was definition to

that which once was honor.

Mother earth has dominion

over man that is upon her.

Once man did discover,

once man did search souls,

man has dug into the earth;

yet all was a search for gold.

As time winds so constant

different means it supplies.

Yet at the core of man are

things that lie and do hide.

What drives man can be

primarily lustful tendencies.

We must call to honor that

which we once called decency.

We congregate and divide

in our cliques to reinforce

that which we would define

us and what we do support.

Still our cores do hold us

because beneath we’re kin.

Because beneath is darkness

buried deep under the skin.

Speak in youth we in innocence

do while developing our minds.

Pursue we do that which soothes

and where we would be refined.

A mother is gentle and…

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