‘Diamonds and gold’

Diamonds and gold


I held wealth and traveled to the four corners of our world,
I lost and gained love, I thought I knew what life and love was.
I wear an old man face now and I remember every kiss and every embrace.
I remember the old faces missed and the old voices telling me to slow down and enjoy life. The kind teachers and elders gave me good direction to find the proper journey.


I became my Grandfather. I hear his voice when I speak. His old fashion wisdom became my way. My door is wide open for the kids and I cherish my time with the grandchildren.


The diamonds and the gold of life is love shared and earned.
Love given without demand, holding child when they have bad dreams.
Whispering you will be fine, grandpa is here.
Telling friends and family, please call me if the life become too hard. I will help and support you, I need you happy and strong.


Love is defined in many ways. Young love is of beautiful places and faces.
Middle age love is for new life to be cherish and to watch grow.
Old man love. To have the children at your feet, laughter always loud and strong in your home. To lead with kindness, concern and love.


I have the diamonds and gold of life. Family near and grand children in the house.
I tell the kids, slow down, take pictures and know love.
Coyote/John Castellenas