Happy Valentine’s day poem- Play with me

Play with me


Organized life and boring work left me wishing for you. I know you have the music playing loud and you are dancing in your panties and bra to the movement of the song. I can see you. Make me wish this day would end and I can join you in the tempting tango.

You call me on the telephone and you whispered. Too much work and no play make Johnnie, a boring boy. I’m wearing my black dress and drinking ambrosia wine. Are you thinking of me? Please hurry home and play with me. I need some attention and the songs are calling for us. To dance my dear love.

I almost kill myself rushing to my home. Auburn hair beauty in tight black dress and moving slowly to the dangerous tango make mind forget the danger of the traffic.

I arrived and I can hear the song. I opened the door, a perfect beauty with dangerous hazel eyes waved me to come closer. I walked toward her, watched her move her hips and legs. Her eyes are alive, looking as wild and as dangerous as the moving sea.

She took my hands and she brought her body across me. She whispered, pretty lady need a playmate. Take off the shoes, the shirt and the socks. Today we drink the ambrosia wine and we do the Gypsy tango. We shall dance till we can’t no-more, only words we shall share is words of gratitude.

I fell into her body and we moved in perfect step and she whispered. You and I. Doors are locked and the songs are good. No-more words today. We will drink and dance till the midnight hour my love.


(Happy Valentine’s day WordPress)