Happy Valentine’s day WordPress

Just a slow dance


My Michigan love,
you are always running away from me again,
four Long Island ice tea,
a slow song and you cannot run no-more.
Please dance with me sweet baby,
allow my arms to bring you closer.


Honey, dear, sweetheart,
you and I,
just runners,
Looking for a miracle,
making wishes on falling stars and to Johnnie Walker.


Falling stars wishes and Johnnie Walker brought us here.
You fell into my arms and you whispered.


Johnnie, Johnnie,
“you want too little, you want too much.
You are a hurricane and I am standing water.
We kissed and you never told,
just one dance,
please release me after the dance,
if you don’t.
Love be own, love be held.
We must keep. Can you?


I brought my Michigan love closer and I whispered,
pretty lady,
Foolish man allow love to die once,
wise man knows, never twice.
Love is you and I want to love you forever,
if you allow my love.


Dancing Coyote