Poetry By Design

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For I 

Have my 

Very own poetic design 

That renders with the times 

Both now and before 

As poetry is the door 

Along with being 

The very roof and floor 

Of my poetic ambitions and home 

For poetry is something 

I will never leave alone 

As it is such 

A huge part of me 

And has made quite an impact 

On my life and the life of others 

For there is not another 

Art form or style such as this 

And letting my Floetry flow 

As it persists and consists 

Of fire and light 

Synergy and energy 

But with a healthy bite 

Of lyrical prowess 

And literary finesse 

Aiming for even bigger 

Poetic success 

Sending out shock waves 

And poetic carrier waves 

That I hope 

Will last always 

And merge with each 

Night and day 

As I 

Convey and put on display 

An array 

Of poetry that shines 

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