Spirit in Southside Park (Reprise)

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Timeless Classics


I’d dressed myself in black that day
From boots to jacket, skirt and hat
My little girl appropriate
For dirt the local playground at

It rested in a grassy swath
Which swelled into a little hill
And made a home for flowers, bees
While over all sweet sunshine spill

I sat me there upon the bench
And sent my child to play
Got out my pad and pen, my latest
Poem on the page to lay

When came from out behind the hill
A woman dressed in white
By hand holding a toddler
In frills and bows — a small delight

Her face was just the shade of ash
No shadow lingered there
And in a classic widow’s peak
Grew her dusky hair

Too young she seemed for even this
Very young child to be her own
Yet from her wise expression
Much trouble she’d already known

Her bearing…

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