Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

The Catharsis of a Poet

Love like the silken strands,
From the ancient mulberry tree,
Winding you and your beloved,
Into a cocoon on a summer’s day,
Doesn’t exist.
Love like the perfumed words,
Written on handmade paper,
Tucked into an envelope,
Finished off with a dainty ribbon,
Doesn’t exist.
But love like those day old arguments,
Turned stale by his angry grunts,
And your shrill banter,
In front of the noisy television,
Does exist.
Also love like his willingness,
To eat your burnt pies,
And you sleeping through,
His noisy snores,
Does exist.
Don’t overcomplicate love darling,
And weigh it down with expectations,
That even the gods cannot compete for,
Instead love uninhibetedly,
With understanding and fortitude.

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