“Sugar and spice”

Sugar and spice
You lifted your eyes for me. Your eyes dancing with joy and filled with wilderness.
I whispered to you. Dear lover, do you want to hear a lullaby?
You gave me a dangerous smile and you told me.
“I want a lullaby with the fragrance of temptation and some seduction.”


Sugar and spice
“You are, winter pale skin and valleys of soft and tender places needing my attention and my care. I told you my love, you are my sugar and spice in a life needing gentle kiss and warm embrace. You are my Crown Royal whiskey on a cold Winter evening and hot coffee at the beginning of my day. I have loved you since the day we met and you wrote into my journal. “Sugar and spice, all everything nice. Please dear Johnnie. Write me a lullaby with a happy ending. Life is love and love is life. If we accept less, we are just pawns waiting for the final ending.”

She gave me a pleasing smile and I told her. “You are my silk and lace dreams my love, you are my muse and my siren, always my need and never my burden. You are reasons to be alive.”


John Castellenas/Coyote