Please stay all night with me.

Please stay all night with me

She was my first storm I danced with. I loved how her long strawberry red hair moved when she danced by the Lake Superior lake. It was late September and the cold and warm days crashed making the lake, dance a dangerous waltz.

I watched her do the circle dance near the moving water. She stopped and reached into the Lake Superior cold water. She filled her hand with the cold water and she tossed the water on her pretty face.

We came to burn sage. Life had become too hard and she wanted me to pray with her.  I told her many years ago, sometime the Lake Superior and the sage. Make us innocence and hopeful again if we pray to the midnight lake gods.

The cold water awoke her quiet mind and she came to me. She wrapped her arms around me and she whispered, I’m tire Johnnie. Heart bury and gone, dream forgotten and lost. I feel so damn old, please burn the sage and make me laugh again.

We burned the sage walking near the Lake Superior. The moon and the stars were our witnesses and I whispered to them.

–Water, earth and the sky. Listen to our wish. Please make us understand and forget the pain of life. Make us young and brave again, make our heart and mind. Wild and hopeful again, allow my beautiful Liz, my beautiful Elizabeth to sing, dance and laugh again. Thank you for Lake Superior, thank you for the night and the bright stars. Thank you for allowing us to be able to find each other again.–

She smiled and she embraced me tightly. She asked me to dance with her by the lake. We did a slow waltz and the slow waltz turn to wild movements of toss and catch. Elizabeth begin to laugh and she asked me as we fell into the cold sand. Please my love, stay with me. I know I’m not as pretty as when you first saw me in the Spring of 1985. I remember how desperate and nervous you were. You made me feel so beautiful.

I kissed her forehead, her face-cheeks and her lips. I whispered to her. You are my wild rose, so damn beautiful and so damn dangerous to touch. My wild rose, you are more beautiful, more tempting and more wonderful today than in years past. I would be honored to stay with you tonight, tomorrow and forever.

She smiled and soft tears fell and she whispered. Thank you Johnnie. I need safe and sound, concern and kindness, love and forgiveness. I’m filled with sin and regret, I feel no-one can love me.

I brought her closer and I told her. Sin and gin, hate and lies, true words and not true words leave us feeling empty and dirty. Dear Elizabeth. Tonight by the blessed Lake Superior and surrounded by God country of upper Michigan. The sage and the water will allow us to find a better place. All things happen for a reason. You and I are here being caressed by the moon and the stars. I love you yesterday,  today and I will love you tomorrow.

Elizabeth kissed me once, she kissed me twice and she promised. I won’t leave you this time Johnnie. You are my honey wine and soft kisses.

John Castellenas/Coyote