‘Truth or dare’

(Truth or dare
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Take no chances. Have no adventures.)


Truth or dare


Life, my friend. A odd game that no-one can win.
I do like the game of truth or dare.


I never told the truth, I was seduced by the dare.
I dare you to kiss Suzy, I dare you to whisper Mary Worth three times in the darkness,
I dare you to jump off the three story building. I did it three times.
Drunk fools never get hurt.


Life is luck and chance. He who had lived,
he doesn’t hold regret.


I chased after things I shouldn’t have. Now I hold memories of long legs beauties and
many slow dances in the arms of lady midnight, was my reward.


I free climbed every mountain near, I met the hawks and the eagles.
I was near death with no place to go many times, I survived without a safety rope.
Me and the mountains played truth or dare.


The truth can set you free, I was told.
Some deeds and actions need to lay dead and buried.



I don’t have a opinion on who you should love? Love is personal. What God or religion is true? I believe we just need to get along, for the sake of the children everywhere.


There is no religion to a gun or bullet,
there is no religion when murder is done,
murder is murder. Life lost, is life lost forever.
I know one day, all men will face some God. He will sort out the bad from the good.


I have sins often and I did some good too. There is no angels on earth, just us trying
to do our best.


Truth or dare my friend, I recommend the dare.
Dare to take chances, stand-up for a worthwhile cause.


Old quote I like.


“If my writing can save or change one life. My effort in writing was worthwhile.”


“Live my friend, test life and travel. You will work for 50 years and when you are old.
Wished you stood on a mountain peak, kissed a secret lover in hidden locations and held
the embrace of a beautiful lover till the morning light. We will wish for more dances and
more laughter.”


Don’t wait too long. The game of truth or dare can be missed.


Coyote/John Castellenas